Direct Store Delivery

The Ice Man offers scheduled route deliveries. With our state of the art routing system, we are able to provide superior service giving you, the customer, the peace of mind that you will always have product allowing you to maximize your profits. Our service deliveries are quick and efficient and our response to fulfilling your orders are prompt and complete. Our customers range from C-stores, Liquor Stores, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Caterers, Event Planners, Hotels, Farms, Marina's, to Yacht Clubs.

Construction Delivery

Construction companies can save money and keep their employees cool by maintaining ice at their job sites. The Ice Man will maintain a delivery schedule to keep either packaged ice or ice blocks at your jobsite, which is ideal for water coolers.

Bulk Delivery

With our 200ton plant, we are able to provide product in bulk anywhere in the United States.

Equipment Maintenance

The Ice Man has a maintenance program which keeps your Ice Box at optimal performance. Condensers are cleaned, thermostats adjusted, and doors checked for proper seal to ensure efficient operation and quality product.