Ice Box

We have double door ice boxes that can be delivered to your location that will hold up to 1400lb of ice. The double door box is approximately 78" wide, 34" deep, 75" tall and requires a standard 110V plug.

5x9 Refrigerated Trailer

Our 5x9 Refrigerated Trailers can hold up to 6,000lbs of ice with double swinging doors in the rear which makes for easy access to remove your product. This requires a standard 115V plug.

Refrigerated Truck

Our refrigerated trucks can hold up to 15,000lbs of ice and can be delivered to your site and is self sufficient with no electricity required. OUR TRUCKS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE DRIVEN BY ANYONE EXCEPT ICE MAN EMPLOYEES.

Refrigerated Pup Trailer

Our Pup Trailers are 28 feet long and are self sufficient without the need of electricity. Diesel fuel refueling is required on long events. The trailers will hold up 28,000lbs of ice.

53ft Refrigerated Trailer

Our 53ft refrigerated Trailer is self sufficient without the need of electricity. It will hold up to 40,000lbs of ice and does have the need to be refueled during long events.